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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Greco Brothers is a leading manufacturer of aqueous and solvent-based industrial part cleaning and drying systems. Our major product lines include cleaning and drying systems for nearly any cleaning application. We offer solvent vapor degreasers, ultrasonic cleaners, hot air dryers, centrifugal dryers, and solvent-based displacement dryers. All of our systems are built in the USA and designed to provide the utmost in durability and ease of use; and they are all built to the high standards of quality you've come to expect from Greco Brothers.

ultrasonic cleaning bench

We know that no two cleaning applications are exactly alike. So although we offer a wide variety of standard products in each of these categories, we specialize in custom-building ultrasonic cleaners, vapor degreasers, and hot air dryers specifically designed to meet our customer's particular cleaning and drying requirements.

Our custom stainless steel fabrication service is not limited to building cleaning equipment. We custom-design and build a wide variety of steel and stainless steel products. Visit our Custom Fabrication Page for our fabrication capabilities.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site. Please feel free to browse through our product information by choosing a category from the left column or menu at the top of the page and call or e-mail us with any questions that you have.



Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

and new aqueous cleaning methods have redefined industrial part cleaning. For decades, industry had searched to find an environmentally-friendly solvent with which to clean its products; only to discover that it was here all along. Utilized in a properly-designed ultrasonic cleaning system, water may be the most effective cleaning solution for your application. If water can clean your parts, we can design the cleaning system to meet your needs.
Programmable Ultrasonic Cleaning Bench

Vapor Degreasers


Vapor degreasing systems

are no longer limited to chlorinated solvent use. New, environmentally-friendly cleaning solvents are now available for use in vapor degreasing applications. Greco Brothers offers

Solvent Vapor Degreasers

that can be used with chlorinated solvents, brominated solvents, HFE's and HFC's. Our High Performance Options, enable tighter controls, even more efficiency, and sophisticated reporting ability; ensuring that any solvent used in the degreaser will be used to its maximum efficiently, and to its greatest potential.


Automated Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser

vapor degreaser with stairs


Top Load Hot Air Dryer

Hot Air Parts Dryers

Water-based processes, like aqueous cleaning or electroplating, leave water on the surface and in the crevices of the processed parts. Greco Brothers

Hot Air Drying Systems

use high velocity convection to provide an effective means eliminating residual moisture from the surface of the work piece.


Centrifugal Dryer

Centrifugal Dryers

For small parts that are processed in bulk however,

Centrifugal Dryers

may be the most effective drying system.

Centrifugal Dryers

draw heated air through the basket of parts while the basket spins at high speed, slinging excess water out of blind holes, nooks, and crannies.


Displacement Drying System

Greco Brothers Spot-Free Displacement Drying Systems are the state of the art in part drying technology. Utilizing new environmentally-friendly solvents to displace the water from the part, these systems produce spot-free results and eliminate any concern for stains from water, mineral salt deposits, and other residual soils.


Custom Cylindrical Stainless Steel Tank

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Whether you have a requirement for an odd-sized cleaning system, a specially-configured drying system, a custom-designed table, tank, cart, or heating coil, we can probably manufacture it at a cost that will surprise you. Our

custom stainless steel fabrication

capabilities enable us to produce a wide variety of products in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel at very attractive prices.



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