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Rinse Water Purifiers and Deionizers


Greco Brothers Recycling Rinse Purifiers and

deionizing equipment

convert any rinse tank into a closed-loop,

deionized water

rinse station. These systems purify, circulate, and recycle the rinse water following an aqueous cleaning, plating, or anodizing operation; improving water quality and eliminating the expense of continuously discharging the water to drain.The Rinse Purifier’s design includes particle filtration, carbon adsorption, and

ion exchange

technologies. This combination cleans the water by removing particulate contamination, organic detergents, oils, and minerals. Because each of the high-capacity media housings is capable of accepting either carbon or


resin, different combinations can be employed to achieve the desired water quality for nearly any rinsing operation.

rinse purifier/deionizer
Rinse Purifier Deionizer 5200


Tap water rinsing is sometimes acceptable for non-critical cleaning operations, but the cost of continuously sending water to drain is often unacceptable. Additionally, local environmental regulations related to the minimum quality of discharged water, may make continuous draining without treatment unfeasible. By removing both organic and inorganic contaminants from the water, Rinse Purifiers eliminate the need for continuous draining and provide high purity water for your final rinse. Rinse Purifiers can be connected to any of our two or three compartment rinse tanks, or to nearly any existing rinse tank. These systems can produce water quality in excess of 10 meg-ohms/sq. cm when configured with one carbon cartridge in combination with up to three ion-exchange cartridges. Depending on the application, cation, anion and/or mixed bed ion-exchange resins may be utilized.

  • Converts any rinse tank into a recycling, detergent-free,

    deionized water rinse

    by removing both organic and inorganic impurities. Interchangeable carbon and resin media allows for customizing water quality. Purity light informs operator when treatment media needs to be changed.
  • Pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy installation.

All Greco Brothers Rinse Purifiers include pump, pre-filter, media housings, post-filter, purity light, control valve, and flow meter.The size and configuration of the Rinse Purifier required for your rinse station will depend on the specific conditions of your application. Treatment media is pre-packaged in cartridges or sacks. Both packaging systems eliminate the need to contend with loose granules of carbon or resin, and both are designed to make media replacement fast, simple, and mess-free. Models RP3100-S, RP4150-S, and RP5200-S are built on an aluminum or stainless steel open frame. Please contact our sales engineers for assistance. They will be pleased to determine which water purification system best meets your specific requirements.