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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

[Tank-in-Frame Style Cleaning Bench]Greco Brothers Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are the product of over 50 years of custom engineering experience and technical expertise. We include only the highest quality sweep frequency ultrasonic components in systems that are expertly designed with particular attention to durability and ease of use. Whether you require a simple ultrasonic cleaning tank or an automated cleaning bench, we will be pleased to analyze every aspect of your application and provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your cleaning problem.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

[Standard Batch Tank] Standard Tank: The standard tank is the simplest ultrasonic cleaning system available. It consists of an ultrasonic generator and a transducerized cleaning tank, (A). The transducerized tank is constructed of stainless steel, with the transducer elements bonded to the tank bottom. The ultrasonic energy is directed upward through the tank. These systems are offered in the sizes ranging from 10" x 12" x 10" deep to 20' X 24' x 20" deep. They include the transducerized tank, sweep frequency generator, thermostatically controlled heat, and connector cables. All systems are available in frequencies of either 25 or 40 kHz. Stainless steel stands, covers, and filtration systems are optionally available.

 [Custom Batch Tank] Custom Tank: When the part size or configuration requires a special-sized ultrasonic cleaning tank, Greco Brothers employs immersible transducers, (B). An immersible transducer is a hermetically sealed stainless steel container which contains a number of transducer elements. These transducers offer the major advantage of versatility in system design. The custom cleaning tank can be nearly any size that is appropriate to the application, and the transducers can be mounted so that the ultrasonic energy is directed and concentrated where it is needed most.


The Complete Cleaning Process

Most cleaning applications require that the part be rinsed and dried after cleaning. This can either be accomplished with individual rinsing and drying systems, or in a consolidated cleaning bench.

Individual Stations: Free-standing ultrasonic tanks, rinse tanks and hot air dryers may be purchased individually. Please see associated literature for those items.

Consolidated Bench Construction: Greco Brothers consolidated benches offer several advantages over individual stations. Cleaning, rinsing and drying stations are built into a stainless steel frame and wired to a common electrical panel, so that the electrical portion of the installation is reduced to one connection. Water inlets and outlets on each station are connected to common feed and drain manifolds to further simplify the installation. Consolidated benches are offered in two styles: Unitank Construction and Tank-in-Frame Construction.

[Unitank Bench]

Unitank Construction: This economical construction style (shown at left), which is generally chosen for smaller benches, includes an ultrasonic cleaning system, two counterflow rinse stations and a forced hot air drying chamber-all formed into a compact, one-piece bench. All electrical functions are activated from the central control box located at one end of the bench.



Tank-in-Frame Construction: This modular construction style (shown at top of page) is somewhat more versatile. Individual cleaning, rinsing and drying stations are fabricated and installed in a common structural stainless steel frame. All electrical components are connected to a recessed control panel on the front of the bench, and plumbing connections from each tank are connected to common feed and drain manifolds. Sliding access doors, stainless steel end panels, and a removable stainless steel counter top with built-in drain trays are then installed on the frame. For maximum versatility and ease of installation, benches with station sizes exceeding 16" x 20" are built with a separate coordinated drying system.



Automation: User-friendly, programmable transport systems are available for all standard and custom cleaning benches. The automation system is programmed to lift the part from a load table, process it through the precise cleaning, rinsing and drying stages, and drop it off at an unload table-leaving no room for human error.

Ultrasonic Rinsing: If the parts are particularly difficult to rinse, ultrasonic transducers are installed in the initial rinse station.

Closed-Loop Purifiers: Rinse purification systems are designed to eliminate sending rinse water to drain. By continuously removing soap and minerals from the water these recirculating systems ensure clean parts and spot-free drying.

Recycler Rinse: A static rinse station is inserted between the cleaning station and the first flowing rinse. The resulting detergent-rich water in this station is used to replenish evaporative losses in the ultrasonic; saving soap and extending the resin life of the rinse purifier.

Rotating Parts Barrel: These mechanisms are designed to slowly rotate the parts as they are processed through each cleaning stage. They are most useful with flat parts, which tend to nest and with parts that contain small blind holes.

Custom Designed Benches: In addition to the standard models listed above, our Consolidated Cleaning Benches can be custom built to include only the cleaning, rinsing and drying stations your process requires. They can be constructed in the size and configuration that is appropriate to your requirements.

So if a standard system won't do, please call. You will be surprised at how economical a custom cleaning system can be.

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